Glori Gillespie, Pink Cadillac, Future Executive Senior Sales Director

Glori began her business on May 12, 2009, Mary Kay’s Birthday, after her mother threatened her life if she did not join her team. She decided to pursue her business after realizing that as a corporate woman her life and success was being dictated by others.  Working two jobs and going to school at night to finish her MBA, she quickly discovered that freedom and flexibility was not to be found working for someone else.

Glori is a single mother of six children, three boys and three girls, 35, 34, 31, 20, 18, 14 and 6 grandchildren. Glori discovered that Mary Kay was the only key to fulfill her desire to bless others, realize her dreams and the dreams of her family, and to follow her passion of “God first, Family second, Career Third”.

Six months after starting her business she became a Sales Director, six months later she earned her first car followed by two more cars within nine months, one of which was the prestigious trophy on wheels, Pink Cadillac. 

Glori has earned all-expenses paid trips to Puerto Vallarta, Italy, and New York. She has led her unit to the $400,000 Circle of Achievement and has helped 8 women achieve the status of Sales Director.  She has earned six career cars and her highest check in one month was just under $12,000. She became an Ambassador for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation in 2012 and shares her victory story out of Domestic Abuse to partner with other women through their journey to freedom.

When asked what she hates the most about her business she says, “it is watching women not realize their full potential” and what does she love the most about her business, “watching women realize their full potential”