6 Steps to Success

Your Mary Kay journey begins here. Take these first 6 steps to kick off your business. Completing each step will move you forward toward your business goal. When you finish all 6 steps and submit this form you will receive your Beauty Coat as a gift from your Director! Complete all steps and go on target for your car by the end of your first month and your Director will have your Beauty Coat embroidered with your name.


Make Inventory Decisions &

Schedule Kickoff


This is a step you will complete at your orientation. Please contact your Director if you have not yet set up your orientation or scheduled your Kickoff Party!

Listen to training on Scheduling your Kick Off Party!

Make sure your Director can be at your Kick Off party. Ask them for the link to their calendar and you can book them directly!

For Glori - CLICK HERE


Setup Website & Propay - Complete 24 Hour Challenge

After you get your Login email setup in InTouch, you need to set up your Online Website and Propay Account. Listen to the Audio Training on setting up you Website and Propay

To set up your Personal Website, from your InTouch home page goto Business Tools/Personal Website Manager. It will walk you thru the setup process. 

Your PROPAY account will allow you accept credit cards from online customers, it is a $39.00 fee for your first year.  This amount will be credited back to your account within 90 days of purchasing $600 worth of  products on marykayintouch.com. You can also get a free app for your phone! Ask your recruiter for an invitation to join square to receive $1000 free processing. Simply got your InTouch/ORDERING/ProPay/Sign Up.

24x24x24 Challenge - Listen to training on the 24x24x24 Challenge

This will be your first challenge to launch your business. Our goal is to funnel activity to your website by encouraging friends and family to register. This will be people from in and out of state. When they go to your website and register they will see what your business is about. The key is to create momentum, activity, and awareness. Use this script in private messages and social media. 


Hello friends! 
I have some great news that I am so excited to share! I am now a part of the Mary Kay family and have become a consultant! 😍 I am taking on my very first challenge and officially launching it TODAY! So, here it is. I have been challenged to do a 24x24x24 challenge! When I get 24 people to go to my website and register I will earn a beautiful prize. 

Also, when I collect $600 total in orders, I will be doing a drawing for a FREE travel roll up bag!

www.marykay.com/yourwebsite  Let me know how I can serve and help you! Thank you so much for your support! 💕"


Create your

Top 100 List

and identify

3 Cheerleaders

Make a list of at least 100 people you know with skin. Think of those who would like $50 in FREE Cosmetics, Skincare or Pampering Products? Make another list of 100 Woman that would love be in your “Before and After” Portfolio to help you with your TRAINING. Print out this document to help you with making your list: Who will be my Customers?

From this list find 3 people to join your team with the sole purpose of supporting you in this adventure. These will be your cheerleaders and your first line of encouragement. 


Schedule your Coaching Calls and 10 Sharing Calls

Schedule your Coaching calls with your Director. These will be short and very helpful as you get plugged into the beginning steps of you business.

Get your friends and family to help you with your MK training by simply having them watch one of the sharing videos and then listening to your Director chat with them about it. Use the script below.

"Hi _______, it's _________!, As you know (or maybe you don't, Iol), I recently started my own business teaching skin care and makeup with Mary Kay, and I'm so excited! Part of my training is to have 10 women watch a short video and give their opinion of it. For helping me out you will receive an ultimate facial package and $25 gift card. I know I can count on you to help me out. Please text or call me back ASAP so I can fill you in on details! 

Roya Mattis, https://youtu.be/ELLMdUE6kzg"


Post FB Live


Go LIVE on facebook when you receive your kit, to show everyone how excited your new opportunity and the amazing products.


This will be the most powerful advertisement you can have. You will be so surprised how many of your friends and family will contact you when you post these videos! Get your kids, spouse or pets involved.

This is a great way to build excitement in your business. Try doing another video with your BIG inventory reveal when you receive it as well!


5 Practice

Facials using the 

MK Flipchart

Practice, practice, practice!

Bust open your kit and let's get familiar with all the goodies inside by doing 5 practice facials! Call up 5 of your closest friends, those who will laugh with you and not at you and ask them if you can borrow their faces. 

This will help you get familiar with the products and the presentation, but don't worry your DIrector will help you with your first 30 faces!