1st Steps as a New Consultant

Here are your first steps, simply follow these steps and fill out the form below to let me know when you have them completed. These steps will help jump start your business by getting you plugged in and connected. 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Find me on Facebook and send me a friend request, so I can add you to our Group.

Go to www.voxer.com to Download your FREE Voxer Walkie Talkie APP into your Mobile Smart Phone. Do a search for me and then send me a Message thru Voxer. 

Step 3 - Watch Video 1

Watch NSD Leah Lauchlan - "Consider the Possibilities" for you and your family by building your Mary Kay Business. Special Thanks goes out to the​ featured speaker.

Step 4 - Watch Video 2

Watch the following video to find out the best ways to​ ​provide products to your customer! 


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MaryKay Inventory Video.JPG
Step 5

Step 5 - Download these documents

Click on the images below to view these documents in a new browser window. From there you can download and save these documents to your computer. But they will always be here for your reference.

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